6 Minimalist Bathroom Accessories You Must Have

A bathroom needs complementary accessories to look cute and neat. As minimal as possible, the accessories chosen are some items that have important functions http://www.foleyhomes.com/bathroom-remodeling-northern-va/. If you want to expand your bathroom so you can load the accessories you need, you can contact bathroom renovation northern virginia. Some accessories that you must have are:

# 1 Toiletries Rack
A minimalist bathroom generally has a fairly small area of ​​about 1×2 meters to 2×2 meters. So that bathroom accessories do not really fill this room, then choose an object that is functional but also useful as a place to store decorations. An example is a bathroom rack.

This rack is usually used as a storage area for soap bottles, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, to the shower puff. If there are still empty parts, you can insert a small vase containing green plants. Don’t want to be complicated? Just use fake plants with beautiful appearance.

# 2 Toilet Paper Holder
Toilet paper is essential in a bathroom. Make the attached tissue holder look more beautiful so as to make the bathroom accessories pretty sweet. On the other hand, you can also use a toilet tissue holder with a unique look.

# 3 Towel and Clothes Hangers
In addition to a tissue holder, towel hanger and clothes are also needed in a minimalist, tiny bathroom. Not only makes the bathroom anti-mess, but the design of the hanger can also be a separate focal point. For example, you want to include industrial elements in it. You can simply choose a black Bajua hanger or a wooden material that is not coated with varnish.

# 4 Mirror
The mirror in the bathroom has many functions. Not only for the mirror, but a mirror can also function as minimalist bathroom accessories. The frame used can be the main attraction of the mirror itself. Mirror with carved frames, industrial wood, ethnic with traditional accents, to a minimalist but elegant.

# 5 Bathroom Curtain
A minimalist bathroom with a shower usually has a separate area between the shower and toilet. These two places are usually separated by using curtains made of plastic. Well, the partition you can choose with interesting and beautiful motifs. Quite a lot of curtain choices that can be selected. You can choose it as you wish. For example, the bathroom you want to have nuances of the ocean.

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