Here Are “Evil” Books That Contain Magic That Good People Must Avoid

In various countries, magical powers known as witchcraft have existed since the beginning of human civilization. In fact, since the days of the kingdom before BC, the magical science was already very well known. Not only that, some sorcery was revealed into a book known as a deadly magic book. In the meantime, if you feel like a spell has been cast on you, we recommend you to remove that black magic from yourself as soon as possible.

What ancient books of magic have been found? Here are the reviews:


This book is an ancient book that began to be recorded since the year 1600 AD. This book is said to discuss magic spells collected from four legendary wizards Iceland.

Some experts call the Galdrabok Book composed of various kinds of spells, there are spells that have positive effects such as healing, but there are also spells made for crimes such as killing.

Every spell in this book contains various magical verses from the Icelandic since ancient times.

The Black Pullet

The Black Pullet is a book of magic that is quite well known in Europe, especially France. This book is said to have been written since the 18th century AD by one of Napoleon’s troops when he was saved by a mysterious man.

According to sources, the contents of this book are said to be like manuscripts for creating magic and how to use it.

The Book of Picatrix

Picatrix in astrology is actually known as a book that explains the theory of the formation of the universe or known as the cosmos theory.

But some people believe that Picatrix is a book of witchcraft that invites readers to gain magical power by completing the moon cycles, time, and certain layout of several planets.

The Book of Abramelin

The Book of Abramelin or better known as the Book of Abramelin is also believed to be a book that teaches about magical science. The book begins with a story that tells of an Egyptian legendary sorcerer named Abra-Melin of Abramelin.

This book is believed to contain teachings to control the devil and make him obey all magic orders, such as finding treasure, flying, invisible, and other abilities.

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