Making Wheelchairs A Useful New Friend

Wheelchairs are one of the choices for a more independent life for those who experience long-term or short-term mobility abilities. To support the wearer’s activities to the fullest, try to choose the type of wheelchair and wheelchair cushions that fit the conditions they have.

To determine whether you need a wheelchair or not, you should consult with a doctor. Usually, doctors will recommend these aids, whether they have temporary or permanent disabilities.

Tips for Choosing a Wheelchair
To determine the right wheelchair, users must consider the condition of themselves and the environment around the place of residence. There are several guidelines for choosing a wheelchair that needs attention, such as:

• The intensity of the use of a wheelchair, whether to be used permanently or only occasionally.
• Consider choosing a manual or electric wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs are usually cheaper than electric wheelchairs.
• After choosing between manual and electric, then make sure the wheelchair feels comfortable when seated and doesn’t hurt when you move your body.
• Make sure the back of the chair and shoulders match your body size.

You can also ask for recommendations from doctors about choosing a suitable wheelchair according to your health conditions.
Ways To Stay Fit Even When Using A Wheelchair
Those who use wheelchairs every day, that does not mean they can not exercise or have a physically fit Physical wheelchair users can still get physically fit by doing exercises following body conditions.

The following tips can help wheelchair users before exercising:
• Choose activities that fit your ability
For wheelchair users who intend to exercise, adjust to their abilities. Many sports can be done, such as swimming or sprint using a wheelchair.

• Choose exercise at the fitness center
For those who want to exercise in a more specialized place, a fitness center can be a suitable choice. This approach may be more successful for wheelchair users who want to exercise individually and allow assistance from instructors who understand your situation.

• Choose exercises according to your ability
Don’t do strenuous exercises and overwhelm your abilities. Try to do gymnastics or light exercises, such as focusing on strengthening muscles.

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