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Bad Ventilation Systems Might Cause Mold Infestations

A bad ventilation system disturbs the circulation of fresh air. If there is no exchange of fresh air, the room in the building may smell stale for a long time because it is kept damp. For example from the smell of food, the smell of garbage, and the smell of animal waste that mixes and continues to spin in the room. When your ventilation system needs to be improved, we suggest you call the certified company of Heating And Air Columbia SC.

In addition, the air exchange system also indirectly regulates the level of air humidity. Home furnishings such as wooden floors, wooden tables, and other wooden furniture are prone to absorb water vapor left in your home. This excessive humidity will continue to gather in the house and trigger the growth of mold and mildew in the room, which can affect the health of you and your family.

Moldy walls and floors are one of the most common sources of allergens in a home. Symptoms can include runny nose, itchy and reddish eye irritation, sneezing, and itchy throat.

You may also be prone to recurring headaches or fever. Moldy house walls are one of the reasons why home people get sick often because their spores can weaken the immune system.