There Are Requirements To Operate A Furnace Efficiently

In the petroleum processing industry needed equipment to heat the fluid called the furnace. Furnace or heater or often called fired heater is a device used to heat liquids in a tube, with a source of heat that comes from the combustion process that uses gas or liquid fuel in a controlled manner in the burner. The purpose of this heating is to obtain the desired operating conditions (temperature) in the next process in another device. Aside from that, if you’re looking for a residential furnace instead, we suggest you check out the info about gas furnace prices by brand.

Furnace design must also be considered carefully so that the heat generated is not wasted into the air. For example, heat is lost through walls and chimneys (stack).

This relates to the refractory structure for the walls and the temperature of the flue gas from combustion and excess air. If the stack temperature and excess air are high, more heat will be lost carried by the flue gas.

The furnace will operate efficiently, if:

Good fire burner ignition system.
The combustion reaction is perfect.
The combustion heat from fuel gas and fuel oil can be channeled well to the heated liquid.
The surface of the tube furnace is clean.
It can reduce heat loss through both stack/chimney and wall furnaces.

There are various variations in designing a fired heater. Judging from the shape of the casing, in general, the type of furnace used in oil refineries is of three kinds, namely in the form of a box, cylindrical, and cabin.

Furnace type box

It is a furnace that has a box-shaped structure configuration. There are various different designs for box type furnaces. This design includes various variations of the tube coil configuration, namely horizontal, vertical, helical and arbor.

Cabin type furnace

It is a furnace that has a cabin-shaped structure. It consists of convection and radiation. The burner is located on the lower floor and the flame is upright parallel to the furnace wall.

Furnace type vertical cylinder

Vertical cylindrical furnaces are vertical cylindrical kitchens. The burner is located on the kitchen floor with an upright flame parallel to the furnace wall. Furnace tubes in the radiation area are mounted erectly around the burner.

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