Things to Never Make Even If You are Vegan Diet Beginner

From various studies, the body of a vegetarian or vegan is considered more ideal than people who eat meat. This makes a vegan diet or animal product diet a consideration for losing weight. Even though you don’t know well Dr Sebi, but you can do his tips and advice that will help you during you run the vegan diet.

However, many also fail to lose weight even though they have become vegetarian or vegan. Apparently, some of their habits are still wrong.

Drink too many calories

Many beverage products that claim to be more effective are consumed on a diet and do not use processed cow’s milk. Like packaged juices, coconut juice, tea-less sugar, smoothies, and so on. Unfortunately, many don’t know that drinks contain more calories, even though they have been labeled less sugar. You better consume water, tea without artificial sweeteners, infused water, or real coconut water, not packaging.

Excessive portion

Even though you have avoided eating meat, it doesn’t mean you can eat too much. Instead of replacing protein obtained from meat. You can choose foods that contain high fiber so that they last longer. Like vegetables, beans, avocados, apples, and so on.


Eating time is very important to reduce weight, whether you’re on a vegan diet or other methods. Eating a little food in the morning, then not having lunch, will make you starve at night. Predictably, you will want more calories at night. If it’s like this, don’t expect to get an ideal body.

Not getting enough protein

In a day, someone needs 60 grams of protein. Protein is usually obtained from meat. You can replace it by consuming nuts, seeds, tofu, tempeh, spinach, oats, edamame, and so on. The point is consistency and maintaining nutritional intake. Do not let you “revenge” for other calorie jams.

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