Tips for Choosing the Right Socks to Fit Your Shoes

Often secondary, the existence of socks does not get more attention by men than when choosing shoes. Whereas in addition to making feet more comfortable when using shoes, socks also have their uses that must be adapted to shoes. Different shoes are used, different socks that you should choose. It is better you know how-to tips on choosing the right socks for the pair of shoes to wear. You can find cycling socks on our website.

Socks for Dress Shoes
If you have formal shoes, don’t use any socks. Try to choose socks that match the color of your pants. That is the most basic formula that will make your appearance more sharp and clean. But if you want to experiment also doesn’t hurt. You can try dress socks with colors and patterns that still have a formal and classic impression. Usually, crew length socks have a length range of six to eight inches, where the length is quite ideal paired with formal shoes.

Socks for Slip-on Shoes
Different from the shape and function of the previous sock, this type of footwear is suitable for use when you use shoes that do not cover the sole of the foot completely. This no-show sock is the right choice when you use shoes like loafers, boats, and moccasins. These socks are usually shaped like long shoes under the ankles and also serve to minimize blisters. So suitable for you who want to use socks, but do not look like using them.

Soccer Socks
There are several types of jerseys for exercising depending on their individual needs. One of the most commonly known is football socks which are usually used by footballers. Socks that reach below the knee length are useful to provide protection for the calf from unwanted injuries. Therefore this type of socks is usually thicker.

Socks for Running Shoes
Although both are used for sports, there are also special types of socks for running that tend to use lighter and thinner material. This is needed so that when running feet can ‘breathe’ and remain free of sweat. Material from socks for running shoes is SmartWool which has the advantage of being able to dry faster than usual material. So make sure to adjust your socks for shoes and sports that you field.

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