Vulnerable Sports That Cause Knee Pain

Sports, in general, have many benefits for your health. But on the other hand, regular exercise can pose a risk of injury if not careful. One of the most common injuries caused by exercise is You can meet the best knee specialist los angeles by visiting our website. There are several sports that may be the cause of knee pain, and the risk of osteoarthritis. What are they?

Researchers found that soccer players, marathon runners, weight lifters, and wrestlers have a greater risk of developing knee joint pain than other sports athletes or who don’t exercise at all. This finding was reported after examining data on cases of knee arthritis that caused pain in 3,800 professional athletes. Basically, athletes in these four fields have a risk of knee osteoarthritis 3 to 7 times greater than people who play basketball, boxing, shooting, or athletic. Of the four sports, weightlifting athletes have the greatest risk, followed by footballers.

The sport that has the greatest risk of knee injury is the one that puts the most strain on the leg joints. Lifting weights and soccer has the greatest risk as a sport that causes knee pain because both types of exercise put the greatest pressure on the knee joint that can lead to injury. Weightlifting athletes continue to burden their joints with large and repetitive weights. As with footballers, marathon runners continue to use their joints for miles more than ordinary runners.

Even so not all running sports cause knee pain in the joints. If you practice short distances, you will benefit from getting strong bones and healthy joints. Likewise with weight lifters, if you train with the right weights you will get the desired health benefits. This means that if you experience pain in the knee, you don’t need to stop your favorite sport, but make sure to warm up beforehand, and don’t force yourself too hard. Proper stretching can also prevent joint pain in addition to increasing the intensity of exercise gradually, not directly severe.

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