You Must Know This To Install Wallpapers Properly

Generally, all types of wallpapers are vulnerable to moisture, why? It’s because moisture and mold can also damage the wall behind it. If the wallpaper is broken, you only need to take it off, but what if the wall is broken? Will be fatal as a result. So, how is it? So, the principle is to prevent as much water or moisture as possible from the wall. It often happens on the surface of the wallpaper that is constantly exposed to water, over time the water can “penetrate” the wallpaper and finally hit the wall. After that, the fungus multiply and leakage occurs into the wall. Usually, things like this are not visible, because it is covered in wallpaper. Although a little, water can find a gap to penetrate behind the wallpaper. Aside from that, if you’ve got problems with your wallpapers, perhaps you need to call Celcius Interiors.

There are some other tips about how to install wallpaper, want to know more about it? The following are some things that must be considered if you want to know how to install wallpaper in the bathroom.

Powder room

What is that? The powder room is a small bathroom that is often used for guests who are visiting, so it is not used for bathing. Therefore, the sanitary equipment is not as complete as the bathroom in general. In this room, there are only toilets, and usually, there is a sink in it. Well, wallpaper can be installed in this room if the moisture content is low because it is not too often wet and not moist.

Wet Bathroom

On the bathroom wall type wet bathroom, the use of wallpaper should not be used or not recommended. The condition of the room in a wet bathroom is always humid and almost never dry. If you still want to install or use wallpaper, you should combine it with finished ceramic wallcoverings. Install tiles on the bottom that are always exposed to water and wallpaper walls on the top are dry (height should be adjusted above our heads). Additionally, if you need experts to install your wallpapers, you can always call some Fit out companies in dubai.

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