Secrete architect Groundhog

Secrete architect Groundhog

A Groundhog which is mainly knows as woodchuck. Even though there is no connection between the wood and groundhog. There are many other names to the groundhog like whistle-pig. Groundhog holes are the place where the ground hog lives. These are the underground dens dig by them. Borrows of the groundhog have one entrance but many exits. They always have these hidden borrows so that they can be saved from predators and protect themselves from the different climatic conditions. Basically these holes are made usually near the trees, walls, in garden etc. The holes are mainly of two types one they built for summer and the other one are built for winter. From above you can just see one small hole but inside you can find many different rooms built by groundhog. Each room has its own use.

 But these cute looking creatures can make a mess of your yard. Plugging them is very important, but the question is how to plug groundhog holes. But before knowing that let us see some reasons on where they dug holes.

Why and where do they dig holes?

  • They dig holes as they find them safer in borrows than else were.
  • They dig these holes at the places where they can find their food.
  • They dig holes where there are more vegetation plants like melons, beans as they are there more cherished food items.
  • Also the area which is filled with the piece of wood and rocks you can find them as this area is like a heaven for them.
  • The tree trunks are the most liked by them as they can grind their teeth on them.

If you have a garden or yard then is always safe to check for the holes in your place, as you may find some groundhogs busy digging borrows for them. The groundhogs need to be taken seriously as the holes made by then can damage the soil due to which your land may become ineffective for plantation. If the yard is nearby to your house than digging can cause major damage to your underground pipelines and also destroys the plants planted in your yard. Result of all these would be that you have to spent lot of money in repairing the damage caused by the groundhogs.


Don’t go by there looks the groundhogs can damage your garden overnight. So reach out to for the professionals and take their advice to get rid of these cute looking groundhogs.

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