Ways to advertise hotel packages and promotions

Ways to advertise hotel packages and promotions

You may not realise it, but the location of your resort is giving you some of the finest hotel marketing ideas you have yet to attempt. Whether it’s riffing on national events or taking advantage of the current natural phenomena, these ideas are sure to bring people in the door. Do you need hotel packages and promotions ideas? Look around you for marketing ideas to attempt.

hotel packages and promotions

Ways to promote

  • Natural wonders of the world only appear every few years. Offer a complimentary beer on the rooftop bar to event planners who have events scheduled at your hotel during peak viewing periods for a superb, out of this world experience. Promote the availability of space in conjunction with the natural event and demonstrate why your facility is the finest approach to display Mother Nature’s festivities.
  • One of the most popular hotels advertising strategies is to use national holidays and events to drive direct reservations. A unified message regarding the national holiday or event can help push stays for a long weekend to all sectors of your audience. You may use globally recognised hashtags for the holiday or event to reinforce your hotel’s advertising message.
  • The neighbourhood around your hotel property is ripe with hotel advertising ideas. While it may be evident to residents of the city to make use of the city’s natural marvels, it may not be to visitors. Take advantage of the nice weather in the fall by including outdoor activities in your hotel promos.
  • The globe is vast, and every culture has its own set of festivals. Even though a country has the same holiday, it is sometimes observed at different times. Offer discounts to attract the attention of these overseas travellers. This is an excellent method to fill rooms at your resort without lowering your fees during a busy season. If the offer becomes a yearly element of your marketing strategy, families may become repeat clients as they include you in their holiday ritual.
  • Your clients are dedicated to you. Reward them for their efforts. Because they keep coming back to you, give them a unique promotion. The concept of a loyalty programme is very prevalent, and visitors are growing to anticipate these kinds of advantages, so make sure you’re providing them.


Launching these hotel packages and promotions ideas in your hotel marketing efforts with a little bit of ingenuity might be what it takes to drive direct reservations. When preparing your next hotel group marketing campaign, try trying these innovative concepts.

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