Reliability of Natural Anxiety Medications

Reliability of Natural Anxiety Medications

Natural anxiety medications are prevalent right now, with a growing number of people looking to alternative treatments as a supplement or replacements for their regular prescriptions. One such natural option is CBD oil, extracted from the hemp plant, and has been shown to have many powerful effects on anxiety for many people. However, some studies have questioned the reliability of these findings and the validity of claims made by its producers.


Many factors can contribute to anxiety, and the effectiveness of any treatment for it is heavily dependent on these. The study by Rand and Hopf followed a group of patients suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder, where they were given a daily dose of 300mg of CBD oil. The results showed that, in this case, anxiety was reduced by 45% after six weeks. This figure shows the effectiveness, but many other factors affect the outcome of a study. These include the differences in patient selection and whether or not people are receiving what they are being prescribed.


Reliability issues aside, another factor that has been shown to affect treatment success is how often people take it. Many natural anxiety medications, for example, CBD oil, aren’t always as effective if you take them now and again. For a steady, reliable effect, it is recommended that you take it daily. Again, this may not be possible with pure CBD oil due to its lack of reliability being brought into question by research like the Rand and Hopf study.


Consistency in your medication can significantly improve its effectiveness and reduce the chances of adverse effects occurring, so bear this in mind when considering natural anxiety medication to ensure you are getting the best results possible. Even if you can’t find these to be of the same quality as prescribed medications, they are worth trying if you struggle with anxiety.

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Natural anxiety medications are great for those who want to avoid prescription medication with the risks that this entails, but they aren’t necessarily reliable enough for those with a serious condition.


CBD oil is made from hemp and contains less than 0.03% THC, so it is impossible to get high from it. For this reason, CBD has become very popular in treating anxiety and stress. However, although CBD shows a lot of promise in its ability to treat these conditions and even more health problems, it must be noted that there have been some studies done on animals where they were given doses of CBD that would be equivalent to humans taking between 800-1000mg/day (which is a very high dose).

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