What do you need to know about IBM iSeries cloud?

What do you need to know about IBM iSeries cloud?

The IBM i cloud is one of the easily understandable and most common technologies in the business world. Nowadays, a lot of companies are moving toward cloud solutions. Yet, the big question occurs,  why a cloud solution is necessary?

 What has transformed now?

            Cloud computing service uses the power of the internet. To provide flexible storage facilities and ultimate data accessibility to companies. The big organizations have been taking the edge of IBM iSeries cloud services for years. And now the medium and small companies have got on board. They will no longer have to deal with the complex data storage management system. By moving to the electronic cloud platform. As a replacement for this, enterprises achieved skill in the iSeries cloud. And centralized and simplified data management.

IBM iSeries cloud solution is a full game-changer as traditional tape storage is becoming less effective. It is used for legal proprietary issues or long-term data maintenance. Also, disaster recovery and data storage plans are seldom left for traditional mediums.

Why Cloud Trend will bloom?

            The IBM iSeries cloud solution is consistent despite the myths and challenges. The solution lets organizations modernize their data with highly reachable and accessible storage. The cloud solution allows company employees to collaborate and connect remotely. There will be no risk of data loss if any system is destructed. It will be easier for those who are using a private cloud to achieve regulatory compliance. Because of redundant data storage and boosted data availability.

IBM i cloud


Your company with a private cloud knows exactly where its data is accessed and stored. You will be aware of the company data storage with a private IBM iSeries cloud storage facility. And set up a licensed access facility. One great reason companies are transferring to the cloud is that the data loss will be negligible and data can be made robust to downtime. Thus, the IBM iSeries cloud is known as a one-stop solution. Also, companies are looking to broaden their data storage capabilities and tighten security.

Why IBM Cloud?

  • Foundational security
  • Have secured infrastructure with edge-to-cloud protection for applications and data.
  • Better business predictions
  • Expect AIs that are trustworthy and flexible.
  • Application modernization
  • Unlock your core applications and control cloud-native development to become an agile market competitor.
  • A predictable environment
  • Take a hybrid cloud approach to combine public cloud and private cloud services from different vendors. IBM Cloud is your partner and platform for digital transformation.
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