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Why You Must Consider YouTube Marketing for Your Online Business

Why You Must Consider YouTube Marketing for Your Online Business

Those days are gone when some Facebook posts and tweet will suffice. Your internet presence requires much more than this— and it has to be strategic. There is no sense in posting old content—it will not work. Soon you will find that money, time, resources, and energy you put in the digital marketing are getting wasted. But, the well-planned YouTube strategy at lenos agency will pay off for the brand. YouTube is completely free to use, so you can create videos for cheap or even free, if required.

What Does YouTube 4000 hours Watch Time Mean?

For 4000 hours Watch Time, the videos need to go active and public. So this means you cannot do the live stream, then set to unlisted. You cannot make videos & six months, delete it or set to private. They need to stay active and public to count.

You need to achieve 4000 hours within 12 consecutive months. Hence, from the current date to 365 days, these must not be published in last 12 months, however they must be watched on your YouTube channel within last 52 weeks.

Know Your Targeted Audience

You have successfully launched your YouTube channel, however the type of content that you upload depends upon your audiences & what they want to consume. So, to decide this, you have to study the audiences & what they are engaging with. So, here demographics play an important role in helping you to understand & analyze the audience’s behavior.

Ranging from the age, location, personal interests, and gender use the given metrics that will identify your audiences & what they are searching for. According to the research done, there are many different reasons why the video consumption has gone on a rise & what prompts it to watch more.

Is technology advancement good or bad?

Is technology advancement good or bad?

Over each passing year, there occurs some advancement in different kinds of technologies which simplifies many tasks of most of the people. It includes the invention of mobile phone, automobiles, computer, laptop and so on. These equipments developed for the people’s use doesn’t fail to serve its purpose in all the ways it can. We are also using many of the above said ones to simplify our complex tasks to save time and efforts to be more efficient.

As we are living in this advanced generation, we might or not know whether these technology advancements are either good or bad for us. Here in this article you can get to know about the same and thus decide what to do further on this matter. They are as follows,

  • These technologies are both good as well as bad for people. Lot of people who are working for an employer either in office or at home makes great use of the above said equipments installed with various other technologies in combination to provide many uses that are needed to work.We need not go anywhere in this modern world to buy any products like dresses, household products or any. Everything is available at our hands on an online shopping site that allows people to buy and get the products at our doorsteps without the need to go anywhere in search of shops.

  • These technologies are especially bad for kids, children and people who want to find jobs. Many people become addicted to playing digital games and using social media sites and waste a lot of their useful time that can be used for building themselves in a very productive manner. It is very much essential for the people that are using it to know the bad as well as good effects of using the technology that they are using it.
  • People sometimes become more lethargic and lazy to even do their households and other works physically as they have all started to depend on various technology equipments that could help with their work. It includes mixer, grinder, washing machines, gas stoves and many others which simplifies the task of many people by also making them more lazy. It is good for people who use it at a certain level and bad for people who do not know the actual advantages and disadvantages that it might provide.